How to Work Shoes

Introduction of the Light-up Shoes:

The LED lights added inside this series of seven-colored light-up shoes can be charged through USB and controlled by a button to switch the colors. One press on the button brings out the next color. The seven fixed colors are red, green, blue, orange, purple, pink and white.

When the ninth press occurs, all the seven colors shine slowly, the tenth quickly, the eleventh by random and the twelfth press means the lights are turned off. 11 modes are set and one press on the button turns the mode into the next.

Quick presses on the button for 2 seconds will help you turn on or off the lights.

About Charging:

3 hours more or less will be needed for the lights to be fully charged. When they’re fully charged, the green lights will shine, otherwise, the red lights will.

Where is the charging port?

The charging port is inside of the top-line! You’ll find it when you look in through the top-line.

Where is the button?

The button is by the side of the charging button, thus you can easily find it. You can touch it for a feeling.

When should the lights be charged?

When the lights get dimming, you can start the charging. It’s advised to do the charging after a day’s wearing, yet it’s ok for those who prefer doing the charging two days or three days a time.

Will the lights shine while charging?

When being charged, the red lights shine and when fully charged, the green lights will shine. You can use the computer or the cell phone to do the charging.

Are the lights bright enough?

Friends went camping shared us the photos showing that in the outskirts, the lighting range can be around 1 meter which reveals totally strong illumination of the lights.